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Commercial Building Roof Safety Inspections and Maintenance

There are many reasons you’ll want to conduct regular roof inspections and maintenance on your commercial building. Poor roofing installation can give rise to issues before they are expected. It can lead to unforeseen complications in different areas, especially safety. Roofing failure is usually because of faulty materials. The room can deteriorate sooner than it should. Even foot traffic on it can result in more damage.

By ensuring that your roof periodically undergoes safety inspections and maintenance, you can be certain of its safety. Of course, we know that a safe roof is a comfortable roof for your clients and employees..

Guide to Roofing Inspections and Maintenance

As expected, the inspection and maintenance of commercial roofs is bound by certain guidelines. These could be specific to the location, but many rules are general. All inspections have to be documented correctly, for example. This makes it easier for problems to be detected as they crop up or for changes to be monitored. Make sure you keep your inspection forms, take pictures and keep watch of your repair invoices. This allows you to keep a tab on your roofing expenses and the recurrent issues with your roof.

Commercial Roofing Safety and Maintenance Program

You can design your own commercial roofing safety and maintenance program, beginning with creating a file exclusively for your building. Be sure to take note of the roof’s installation date, along with the updates and repairs. Track issues as well with repair expenses and take pictures of the areas that are constantly having problems.

Twice yearly after a major storm, it’s important to check the surface of the roof. There must be no standing water there within two days of the incident. Watch out for any discolored roofing materials or flashing damage. There should be no vegetation on the surface, and no problems surrounding the roof penetrations, like cracks in the caulking around pipes, HVAC units, antennas, etc. Also make sure there is no debris in drains and the gutter system.

You need to document all that you observe on both the outer and inner (the ceiling) sides of the roof. Take note of discolorations or stains on the wall surface and tiles, and be sure to have pictures of them. Inspect for rusty roof decking or joints, window frames and attic space, and check for molds. All these indicate a leak, which must be repaired asap before it can escalate into a more serious problem.

If you have discovered any irregularities, speak to a qualified roofing contractor so you can discuss the measures that must be taken. Make sure they are not only qualified but also insured, and that they provide a guarantee for their work.

Working with a roofing company that conducts inspections twice annually is a good way to maintain roof safety. Being professionals, they may be expected to know and fully abide by all the guidelines.

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